Botanical Name: Zingiber officinale

Ginger is generally used as a spice or medicine to treat many ailments. The nutrients present in ginger are lipids, phenolic compounds (elevate antioxidant activities of the human body), vitamins (A), Minerals and carbohydrates.

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Swadhika foods exports premium quality frozen IQF ginger in the form of julienne/rough cut and it is produced through the following process under hygienic condition. The fresh gingers are sorted, washed, peeled, either rough cut or julienne cut (manually/mechanically), blanched, dewatered and frozen using IQF. The Frozen Products are put through a sieve, inspected, packed and fed through a metal detector and stored at -18°C.

Zingiber officinale

Julienne/Rough cut

-18°C Or below

2 Years

< 100

< 10

< 10




Blue LDPE bag, LDPE Pouch or Customer requirement

5 ply corrugated box or Customer requirement

10 kg or Customer requirement

Quality & Certifications

Throughout decades we have focused on delivering the best. Recognition has followed.

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